Massachusetts is known for many wonderful attractions, especially nature, art, theater, know the typical things we have talked about in the past. However, Massachusetts is also known to have things that are more expensive compared to other states. For example, according to World Population Review, Massachusetts is the fourth most expensive state in the U.S. as housing costs 77% more than the national average. Another example is the fact that Massachusetts has high taxes and the reason for this is because the Bay State has the highest median annual income in the country. This is according to a February 2022 article from

There's One Particular Item That You'll Want to Purchase in Massachusetts as No Other State Sells it as Cheap as the Bay State

If you like to once in a while partake in drinking alcohol, particularly wine, then Massachusetts is where you'll want to shop for this tasty beverage. According to House Method, Massachusetts is the cheapest state to purchase wine. The average bottle costs $10.97. The cost only increases from there as a bottle of wine costs $11.14 in Maryland, $11.31 in Delaware, and so on and so on. The most expensive state to purchase a bottle of wine is Missippi with the average being $15.51.

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It's nice to know that there are still some things that we can get on the cheap in the Bay State. Food prices and heating costs continue to rise, not to mention affordable housing, but if you're looking for an affordable bottle of wine you can take comfort in knowing that you'll get it at the best price if purchased in the Bay State. You can check out more details of the study by going here. Drink responsibly.

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