The big decision ahead for those that toke will be whether to order the sticky bud first or the pizza.  The Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission voted 3 to 1 in favor of allowing recreational cannabis to be home-delivered.  Medical weed has already been allowed to be delivered by state law.

The ruling calls for two types of delivery licenses.  A courier type delivery service... like ordering food through DoorDash.  Couriers would be allowed to charge a fee to make deliveries from a retailer or dispensary to the customer.  A delivery operator is the other license that allows the licensed operator to purchase product directly from a wholesaler bypassing the local dispensary with delivery directly to the customer.

The Commissions objective was to open up employment opportunities to minorities, vets and others impacted in the past when marijuana was a punishable offence.

The Massachusetts Cannabis Business Association was pleased with the ruling and released this statement…

"Delivery businesses will provide a new outlet for existing dispensaries and cultivators to sell their products, while satisfying consumer demand that, four years after voters supported legalization at the ballot, is still being met by the unregulated and untaxed illicit market. The Commission deserves credit for conducting a thoughtful and deliberate process to develop final adult-use marijuana regulatory changes that will help deliver a more equitable and successful adult-use cannabis industry in Massachusetts."

On the other side of the issue many storefront operators feel delivery operators will adversely affect local retailers and dispensaries.  The Commonwealth Dispensary Association plans to challenge the CCC’s decision.

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