As mentioned in previous articles, there's no shortage of people sharing photos and videos of wildlife on social media. Many of these photos and videos were taken right here in Berkshire County. It's a fun pastime to capture our furry counterparts on camera and share, share, share. Think about it, there was a time, not too long ago, when we couldn't do this. I mean sure, you could hold a cumbersome camcorder and try to film wildlife but it certainly wouldn't be as easy or as practical as whipping out your phone, and bam you're good to go. You gotta love technology.

Videos of Animals in Their Natural Habitat are the Best and There are Plenty of Those Taken in the Berkshires and Throughout Western Massachusetts 

My favorite videos include animals just being animals. You may remember a video we shared a while back which included an adorable owl taking a bath in Western Massachusetts. If you missed that one, you can check it out by going here. We also shared another video of a cute beaver doing some grooming on camera which you can view here. Then there was a beautiful black bear playing and wrestling with a stick. I love this video. Take a peak at it right here.

All of these fantastic videos have been made possible by Sally Naser of CR Wildlife Cams. Thanks to her video know-how skills and her generosity in sharing these videos online, we get to see what these animals are up to on a day-to-day basis. Another video that Sally has shared online includes a bobcat traveling across a stonewall in Western Massachusetts. Before the cat carries on with exploration, the furry friend takes a quick bathroom break, check it out below.

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