Massachusetts has some pretty notable food recognitions including the Fluffernutter, Dunkin', and chocolate chip cookies to name a few. Oh and don't even think about serving yourself clam chowder with tomatoes in the Bay State (find out why by going here).

Massachusetts is Also Known for a Popular Ice Cream Chain Which  Was Founded in the Bay State Many Moons Ago

Another food-related claim to fame for Massachusetts is the fact that Friendly's was founded in Springfield back in 1935. I think we can all agree, that is pretty, pretty, pretty good for us, a nice feather in the cap if you will.

What is Massachusetts' Favorite Ice Cream Topping?

Speaking of ice cream, last summer, Shane Co. conducted a survey to find out what the number one sundae topping was in each U.S. state. They found that a majority of respondents agreed that vanilla was the top ice cream flavor across the country. In addition, a majority of respondents included chopped nuts and crumbled Oreos as must-haves on their ice cream sundaes. Massachusetts was one of the states that chose chopped nuts as the number one sundae topping followed by crumbled Oreos. In the number three position for toppings in the Bay State is Reese's candy (which would probably be my number one or two choices for toppings) followed by chocolate chips in the number four position.

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When it came to sauces, Massachusetts chose hot fudge as the number one sundae sauce followed by caramel in the number two position. What do you say? Are these your favorite toppings and sauces as well? You can check out all of the favorite sundae toppings, sauces, and more for all 50 states by going here.

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