One of my favorite foods is Pizza and Berkshire County offers plenty of options when it comes to pizza. Whether you're looking for Greek, New York Style, Chicago Style, thin crust, thick crust, crust with cheese inside, and more, Berkshire County has you covered for practically any taste and/or craving.

There's a wide range of toppings and styles that I enjoy including the following:

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Okay, I'm getting hungry just looking at those photos, how about you? Anyway moving on. Earlier this year, Vivid Maps published a study that was conducted featuring the most popular pizza toppings in all 50 states. This study was according to Google Search trends from 2021. Let's take a look at the New England States, shall we?

You can view the favorite pizza topping in all 50 states along with details on how the study was conducted by going here. By the way, the most popular pizza topping in all of the United States is pepperoni. Bon appetit.

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