A couple of years ago my mother had to put my grandmother (now 90) into assisted living. As the case is with people who suffer from dementia, the disease wasn't improving and my grandmother could no longer live alone without her situation becoming dangerous. My grandmother lived in northern Berkshire County (Cheshire) for the past 30 years and recently I inherited a bag of her CDs.

I always knew my grandmother enjoyed a variety of music (she's pretty hip if you ask me) but I didn't realize to what extent. For example, the bag contains a variety of Jimmy Buffet discs along with Sarah McLachlan, Elvis, folk albums, Celtic Women, the Irish Tenors, Neil Diamond, and Trans-Siberian Orchestra to name a few. In addition to the bag, she was also into some rock artists like the Beatles, John Mellencamp, and Rod Stewart. About 10 years ago, my mother took her to a Dennis DeYoung (formerly of Styx) concert. I just think it's pretty cool just how many different musical artists she enjoys. I think sometimes the older generation gets the stereotype of only liking "old fogey" type music that goes way back but that isn't always true.

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Now I didn't find any rap or hard rock/metal discs in the bag but I wouldn't be surprised if some grandmothers out there have that in their collection. Time is certainly moving forward and the music from the 80s and 90s is becoming gold-type music. You never know, your grandmother may have a 90s Kriss Kross or Metallica CD sitting in her collection...lol. What kind of music does your grandmother like? Do you both have some of the same music in your collections? My grandmother and I certainly do.

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