It's interesting because I'm a lover of dogs but never owned one growing up. It wasn't my parents' thing but I loved being in the company of my friends' and neighbors' dogs. Growing up in northern Berkshire County, Massachusetts, I would visit some of the dogs in my neighborhood. Actually, there were a couple of them that would rome off-leash from property to property.

One dog, in particular, that was one of my neighborhood favorites was a female, black lab named Roz. Whenever Roz would see me outside or on my porch, she would stroll over to my yard to be pet. In addition, I would give her a bowl of water and some dog treats. She was a great dog...very mild-mannered and fun to be around. She would spend up to 30 minutes at my house just hanging out. Even though I didn't have my own dog, Roz truly felt like a member of my family.

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One of my neighbors had multiple dogs, three as a matter of fact. I was recently looking up dog facts on the internet and stumbled across a law that owners of multiple dogs may have an interest in. It's regarding the number of dogs you can have before a kennel license is required.

How Many Dogs Can One Legally Own in Massachusetts Before a Kennel License is Required?

According to, the answer is 4. Below is some information on this law.

A person maintaining a kennel shall obtain a kennel license. An owner or keeper of less than 4 dogs, 3 months old or older, who does not maintain a kennel may elect to secure a kennel license in lieu of licensing the dogs under section 137 and shall be subject to this section, sections 137B and 137C and so much of section 141 as it relates to violations of this section to the same extent as though the owner or keeper were maintaining a kennel. In the case of an applicant for initial licensure and in the case of an applicant for license renewal, a licensing authority shall not issue a kennel license until a kennel has passed inspection by an animal control officer.

You can get more information on kennel licenses in Massachusetts by going here.

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