I find it interesting when I come across unique bugs whether in-person or online. It's that time of year where we're seeing plenty of bugs including wasps, yellowjackets, ants...you name it, they're around. Let's not forget that ticks are around as well and it's always important to check yourself and your clothes after you come in from outdoors especially if you are in wooded areas. It's always a good idea to have a second pair of eyes examine your body for ticks particularly the areas that you can't see.

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What is the Largest Insect in Massachusetts? 

With all of this insect talk, I started to wonder what the biggest insect is in Massachusetts. Well, there's an answer to that. According to AZ Animals, the largest insect in Massachusetts is the Pine Sawyer Beetle. AZ Animals' website states that the Pine Sawyer Beetle is 2 inches long with 3-inch long antennas. In addition, AZ Animals states that these beetles typically live in coniferous forests at elevations above 3,900 feet. They prefer dead or decaying trees to live in but commonly feed on the twig bark of living trees.

Apparently, Pine Sawyer Beetles won't hurt or bother you as this woman spends a lot of time with this guy in the video below. Check out the antennas moving back and forth. He looks like he could try out for the cheerleading team...lol.

You can learn more facts about the Pine Sawyer Beetle in the video below.

If you are a fan of insects you may be interested in each state's insect which you can check out below.

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