Waking up early to tackle the morning shift in southern Berkshire County, I don't always get in a full breakfast but then again who does nowadays? With everything moving so fast and so many things to accomplish, many Massachusetts residents just grab an item and go. Eating on the way to work while it may do the job doesn't really give you the chance to enjoy your food. Wouldn't you agree? That's why I love weekends.

Weekend Breakfasts are the Best, Wouldn't You Agree? 

I was thinking back to a recent weekend where I had the chance to sit down and really enjoy breakfast which included pancakes, eggs, sausage, and orange juice. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't eat pancakes daily but when I get the occasional chance to have them, it certainly is quite the treat.

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What is Massachusetts' Most Popular Breakfast Food? 

I recently did some web surfing and I found a study that was conducted late last year which revealed that the most popular breakfast item in Massachusetts is the onion bagel. This is according to Eat This, Not That. This particular article was published on December 24, 2021. I would have never guessed that the onion bagel won out. I like onion bagels but they aren't my top breakfast item. They're not even my favorite bagel. Do you agree with this study or should there be another breakfast item in place of the onion bagel? What would you like to see as the most popular breakfast item in Massachusetts for 2022?

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