It goes without saying that Massachusetts residents love their dogs. Some folks have fun dressing up their dogs. They'll throw parties for them, and even have their dogs sleep in their beds. Many dogs have it as good as humans. Why not? They're part of the family too.

Believe it or not, I never owned a dog but there was a black lab that lived in my neighborhood in northern Berkshire County when I was a kid and she would run over to my house and hang out with me. Her name was Roz. Her owners didn't leash her as they knew she was quite independent and would come back home, eventually. Although to be honest, I think she should have been on a leash for her own safety. Roz was like my own dog because as I said she would hang out at my house and even follow along on my paper route. Roz was a great friend and always liked her name. I thought it suited her well.

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What's the Most Popular Dog Name in Massachusetts? 

Speaking of names, this past summer Bark released an article sharing what the most popular dog name is in Massachusetts. As a matter of fact, this name is also the most popular dog name in a total of 35 states. Currently, the most popular dog name in Massachusetts and 34 other states is Luna. Below we have included the top 20 dog names across the nation for 2022 according to Bark.

(1) Luna

(2) Bella

(3) Max

(4) Cooper

(5) Daisey

(6) Charlie

(7) Loki

(8) Lucy

(9) Nala

(10) Koda

(11) Sadie

(12) Bear

(13) Milo

(14) Stella

(15) Bailey

(16) Jax

(17) Rocky

(18) Tucker

(19) Lola

(20) Nova

The study included the top 100 dog names in the country. You can check out all 100 names by going here.

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