One summertime activity that folks across Massachusetts and New England enjoy is throwing some meat down on the outside grill. I wouldn't fancy myself as a grill master by any means but I do enjoy going out on my deck and grilling up a nice dinner for my mother and/or in-laws when they come over to visit. There's no doubt that it's a favorite pastime for Massachusetts and Berkshire County residents alike.

I own a Weber Original Kettle charcoal grill and since I'm not outside to grill every day of the week it meets my needs. I suppose if I was grilling more often I would opt to go for a bigger gas grill but for now, my grill checks the box. Since I'm using charcoal, I opt to get the heat with a chimney. I know it takes more prep time in the grilling process, but I do enjoy the non lighter fluid taste. Again, if I was grilling more often, I would probably revamp the way I approach outside grilling.

Does Massachusetts Have a Favorite Food to Grill?

With all of this talk about grilling, I started to wonder if Massachusetts has a favorite food for outside grilling. Guess what, we do. There's a study for everything these days and this time around we can thank Google for gathering the data and Eat This, Not That! for publishing the article entitled The Most Popular Food to Grill in Every State.

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So What is the Most Popular Food to Grill in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts residents continue to keep a healthy diet as our top choice is:

In addition to Massachusetts, both New Hampshire and Rhode Island have swordfish as their most popular food to grill. You can view all the results along with the study's methodology and research by going here.

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