Massachusetts folks will want to be on alert as the scammers are at it again. As is the case with many scams, this scam is through the use of email. This past Friday morning when I was sitting in my office in southern Berkshire County, I was going through some emails when I came across this email (and I can't believe I'm approaching this topic but it's to keep the public aware of what could be hitting their inboxes and not to fall for this scam)

Here are the screenshots of the email I received:

Yeah, if you just read the content alone, that's pretty unsettling, plus, it's pure blackmail and an invasion of privacy. What anybody chooses to do in their free time (as long as it's not illegal or puts someone or something in danger) is their right. If you don't get sucked in by the email, the signs of this being a scam are pretty clear. I'll break down some of the signs as people continue to fall for scams on a daily basis.

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Here are Some Telling Signs That This Email is a Scam:

  • The sending address said it was from me. I certainly did not send that message to myself. This is something I see in email scams all of the time. Red Flag #1
  • The text of the writing is very choppy and in bits and pieces. The technical aspect of the sentence structure is very sloppy. Again, another telling sign. Red Flag #2
  • In addition, not only did I receive this email, it was also sent to other general email boxes at our station and I also know some people that received the email too. So, this wasn't just sent to me personally but others as well which shows it's a blanket email scam. Red Flag #3

If you receive this email, don't respond, just delete it. If you get in your email box, the title is "ATTENTION READ CAREFULLY." Yes, in all caps. Be on the lookout and protect yourself.

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