As mentioned in a previous article, I love swimming. Whether it's some of the local swimming holes and natural waterfalls in the Berkshires or even some of Berkshire County's lakes like Lake Mansfield in Great Barrington, Windsor Lake in North Adams, or Onota Lake in Pittsfield (to name a few), swimming is great fun for me. I also mentioned how in the past, I have enjoyed hitting the road and taking summer vacations to the beach. For me, it's a wonderful stress reliever and a moment of serenity. Just listening to the waves is calming. I'm ready to go right

I remember a couple of times when I was a kid going to out-of-town beaches, occasionally, I would see people drinking from a brown paper bag. I thought it was odd but two seconds later I moved on so I could get my fun in the sun and tumble around in the waves. Obviously, now I know the situation I saw consisted of people drinking alcohol on the beach and trying to disguise it with a paper bag. I was recently wondering if those beach laws have changed recently. So....

Is it Illegal to Drink Alcohol on the Beach in Massachusetts?

If you think you can drink alcohol on the beach in Massachusetts or New England in general, think again. Doing this for the most part is a big no. Here's what New England Travel Planner has to say about drinking booze on the beach.

It is against the law and local town ordinances to drink any alcoholic beverage in public areas outdoors such as streets, parks, and beaches. The law is to discourage public drunkenness.

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What is the Penalty for Drinking on Massachusetts Beaches?

Being fined is a popular punishment. As a matter of fact, there was a story back in 2020 published by CBS Boston pertaining to drinking on Cape Cod Beaches. The story mentioned that the beaches in Cape Cod were cracking down on drinking alcohol in public by upping the fine from $50 to $100 for a first offense and $300 for a second. In addition, violators could be saying goodbye to their beach passes.

It's Not All Illegal Though and This Includes Massachusetts

There are some beaches in the United States including Massachusetts where it is legal to drink alcohol. There was an article published by VinePair listing those beaches. You can check out that article and list by going here.

For me, I'll take some ice cold water or juice to the beach and head for the waves.

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