Winter driving in Massachusetts can always be a tricky challenge especially if you are new to the Bay State. Take Berkshire County, for example, we have plenty of steep and mountainous hills (Hairpin Turn rings a bell) and if you're not used to driving them in winter weather, it can be quite challenging if not downright dangerous.

Once You're Used to Winter Driving in Massachusetts, it Gets Easier But You Still Have to be Careful

I have driven in all sorts of winter weather conditions especially since I work mornings at WSBS Radio in Great Barrington. Going down Monument Mountain can be tough but over the years I have found using the all-wheel drive function, along with downshifting and having good all-season tires or snow tires on my vehicles has made the trip much easier and safer.

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The scariest winter condition that I have ever driven in was back in 2009 when my father-in-law was getting released from surgery at Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, Massachusetts. He was in the hospital for quadruple heart bypass surgery and he was being discharged during a blizzard. I had the joy of being his driver. Not that the task of driving him during a storm affected me. The fact that he lives in Florida, Massachusetts, and driving up the mountain through Greenfield and Charlemont on Route 2 had my heart pumping quite a bit. That part of the route from Charlemont to Florida is quite steep and we had to crawl up the mountain. A snail's pace if you will. I really don't know how we didn't get stuck but we didn't and we made it home safe, thank goodness.

Does Massachusetts Law Require You to Have Snow Tires for Winter Driving? 

One thing that helped me get through that trip without problems, was having snow tires on my vehicle. As I look back at that experience I started wondering if Massachusetts has any requirements when it comes to winter driving meaning are you required to have snow tires on your vehicle in Massachusetts? According to Legal Beagle, currently, Massachusetts has no laws or regulations requiring the use of snow tires or chains for automobiles. However local laws may require the use of either snow tires or chains if conditions warrant.

So even though you aren't required to have snow tires on your vehicle in Massachusetts, it may be a good idea to have and use them, especially this winter. Check out the winter predictions for Massachusetts by going here. If not snow tires, make sure you have some good all-season tires on your vehicle. Safe travels.

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