We have discovered and shared with you quite a few interesting and weird Massachusetts laws. For example, we recently published an article about it being illegal in Massachusetts to scare pigeons. In addition, there is the infamous snoring law in Massachusetts which is truly a head-scratcher. One other weird Massachusetts law that has received a lot of attention is the backseat gorillas law. There's more to it than transporting a gorilla around and you can get complete details by going here.

Now, We Turn to Massachusetts Sporting Events

We know sports fans especially Massachusetts fans have a tremendous passion for their teams. The fans show this in all kinds of ways whether it's wearing their team's swag, cheering, booing the opposing team, sharing comments and opinions on radio shows and commenting on social media, etc. There's a whole host of ways that Massachusetts sports fans express their loyalty which is perfectly acceptable and legal. However,  there is one way that fans express passion for their teams or distaste for the opposing team that is illegal in Massachusetts.

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Shouting Obscenities and/or Profanity at Live Sporting Events is Illegal in Massachusetts

As we know some Massachusetts fans can get really passionate (or downright rowdy) to the point where they are shouting profanity from their seats. Not that this ever really seems to get enforced but technically it is illegal to do this. Here is the actual law according to Section 36A of the  Massachusetts Legislature:

Whoever, having arrived at the age of sixteen years, directs any profane, obscene or impure language or slanderous statement at a participant or an official in a sporting event, shall be punished by a fine of not more than fifty dollars.

So there you go. Have you broken this law?

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