Now here's something that can be up for a great debate. Over the past couple of weeks, I ordered takeout for lunch and dinner. One location was in northern Berkshire County and the other was in the southern Berkshires. As most people know, when you go into a restaurant or eatery to pick up food, you'll usually see a tip jar or tip cup. I usually think nothing of it and automatically toss a couple of bucks in the jar. However, I have heard other people say that if the food isn't being delivered to you by a wait staff member or to your house by a delivery person, there's no need to leave a tip.

Personally, I don't Have any Issues or Hesitation When it Comes to Leaving a Tip

I understand that times are tough and people are doing all they can just to stay above water so I have no issue leaving a tip even if I'm going inside to pick up my food. In addition, when I was younger, I did jobs that were related to receiving tips. I delivered newspapers at one time. I also worked in a deli and delivered pizzas. To me, service is service whether you are having food delivered or you are picking up your food. However, I do think the other point has some validity to it.

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What do you think? If you're picking up food should you put a tip in the jar or in this case do you feel like you shouldn't bother since you're the one going inside to collect your meal?

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