Hundred of thousands of Massachusetts residents could be seeing an end to their MassHealth Insurance Coverage if they don't act fast. Starting this Saturday, April 1, MassHealth enrollees must take action within 45 days to avoid the potential loss of their MassHealth insurance coverage. This is according to an emailed press release that was sent to us from CHP Berkshires.

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According to MassHealth Director, Mike Levine, "the state wants to preserve coverage for those who are eligible while ensuring that those who lose coverage don’t fall through the cracks." This redetermination process is due to the fact that the federal emergency declaration will expire on May 11 of this year.

I'm a MassHealth Enrollee What Do I Need to Do to Ensure That I Have Continued Coverage?

The good news is that if you haven't received a notification yet from MassHealth you should soon. The notification will give you the steps that you need in order to re-enroll. You should be receiving this notification via text and/or email along with a blue envelope via mail. If you need assistance with the re-determination/re-enrollment process you can seek help from the following:

  • CHP Berkshires Insurance Enrollment/Patient Navigator Team: Various Berkshire Locations, (413) 854-2816 or email
  • Advocacy for Access: Pittsfield, (413) 445-9480 or Great Barrington, (413) 854-9616
  • Ecu-Health Care, North Adams (413) 663-8711
  • Contact MassHealth directly: You can re-enroll here or you can call (800) 841-2900.

Some Massachusetts Customers Will Automatically be Renewed

The press release notes that MassHealth will be contacting its enrollees on a rolling basis, and renewals may take place over 12 months, from April 2023-April 2024. IMPORTANT: Some customers will be automatically renewed but if you receive the blue envelope you must take action and re-enroll.

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