Residents of Western Massachusetts have had a pretty decent April so far. Sure we have had some average and/or slightly below-average temperatures at the beginning of the month but it warmed up fast as mother nature recently brought us some summer-like weather. Some Massachusetts folks aren't fans of the drastic shifts in temperatures and I'm in agreement. Oftentimes we have seen instances where it seems like it jumps from winter right to summer with no spring in between. Let's enjoy spring first before it really heats up.

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What Will the Weather Be Like in Western Massachusetts in May 2023? 

Looking ahead to the month of May, according to the Old Farmer's Almanac folks in Western Massachusetts can expect a mixed bag of showers and sunshine with the average temperature being around 61 which is four degrees above average. Here's the breakdown for the month.

  • May 1-3: Showers, warm
  • May 4-7: Sunny, warm
  • May 8-15: Periods of rain, mild
  • May 16-20: Sunny, warm
  • May 21-24: Thunderstorms north, sunny south, very warm
  • May 24-31: Thunderstorms, mild

How Accurate is the Old Farmer's Almanac? 

Here's what the folks at the Old Farmer's Almanac had to say:

Although neither we nor any other forecasters have as yet gained sufficient insight into the mysteries of the universe to predict the weather with total accuracy, our results are almost always close to our traditional claim of 80% accuracy.

Are you looking forward to a mixed bag of weather with temperatures in the lower 60s for the month of May or do you want to make the leap to summer right away?

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