IS-183 Art School Welcomes three new faculty artists to their staff as they will offer courses in their prospective mediums during the winter and spring months.

First up, Victoria Fiorini who works with metals that magnify the beauty of our earth. She uses her hands to turn these forged-by-the-universe elements into wearable sculpture as her desire is to create comfortable and meaningful jewelry whose beauty lies in the raw materials that are modeled, shaped and cast with her two hands. Victoria is a trained designer who strives to make pieces whose top priority is how they feel and act with the human form. She aims to share these insights in a series of courses entitled "Lost Cast Waxing: Simple Shaped Pendant Necklace with Engraving", "Lost Cast Waxing: Textured Band", and "Lost Cast Waxing: Signet Ring"

Merudjina Normil is a non-binary multi-medium and multi-dimensional artist who sees art as a medium of healing and community as the process is about moving through and allowing time to see, to be and to heal. She is an interdisciplinary artist who works with audio, video, movement, painting and drawing. An alumnus of Pittsfield High School and Williams College, Merudjina's courses include introductions to painting and colored pencils. 

Emma Rotenberg-Ware (no photo available) is a full fledged photographer living and working in The Berkshires. She has been deemed as a creative artist since her youth and has learned and created with various members throughout the years. An alumnus of the Hallmark Institute of Photography, Emma's two photography classes include "Light and Composition for Creative Entrepreners" and "Getting The Most Out of Your Candid Portraits".


Founded in 1991, The non-profit Stockbridge facility is located on Willard Hill Road as they are the leading provider of year round high quality, hands-on instruction in the visual arts at sites throughout Berkshire county. They have reached over 2,000 students each year through studio-based classes, artistic events and out of school engagement programs for all ages. They also offer full and partial scholarships, work exchange opportunities and discounts for EBT, WIC and Connect Care cardholders.

For more information, log on to their web site by going here OR call (413) 298-5252, extension 100. You can also e-mail:

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