The subject of affordable housing has been a hot button topic throughout the COVID-19 pandemic as Berkshire county residents are still feeling the after effects of returning to a sense of normalcy. Over 80 permanent options to rectify this matter have been implemented, thanks to Construct Inc. based in Great Barrington, Massachusetts as they are committed to long standing community relationships with south county residents as the organization heavily relies on donations to complete it's mission. More information on you can help out this worthy cause can be found by logging on to their web site

To further benchmark this commitment, Construct Inc. has appointed five members to it's Board of Directors. Let's introduce you to this quintet who will strive to contribute towards the planning stages of a new capital campaign (details to follow) as they will bring their levels of experience and insights to assist those in need.

First up, Hinda Bodinger, founder of the non-profit organization, Berkshire Baby Box as their mission is to welcome new families to the south county area as her aim is to combat food and housing insecurity throughout Berkshire county..

Second, a familiar face who is beloved by all throughout our tri-state region: Wanda Houston joins the Construct team as she brings experience from a previous stint in property development and management. Audiences continue to attend her fantastic performances as Wanda will truly excel in this new post that was offered to her due to a commitment in bettering the community.

Zachary P. Stephens
Zachary P. Stephens

Up next, philanthropist Laura Jordahl who has a similar goal to her colleague, Hinda. the Chicago, Illinois native has adapted to living in The Berkshires and became a Great Barrington resident. Out west, Laura was involved in a project entitled "Housing Forward" which focused on eliminating housing instability with further experience in early childhood education, architecture and project management.

Christa Montano is a Berkshire county native who will relocate back to Great Barrington after she completes her task of remotely working for an urban farming company that is based in Brooklyn, New York.

Finally, Richard Slutsky is a retiree who calls the Berkshires home as the Nebraska native practiced civil law in Kansas City and served as Executive Director for The Jewish Community Foundation with similar duties in metro west New jersey. For two decades, Richard held the post of Senior Vice president and Institutional Sales Director for U.S. Trust and Merrill Lynch in my ol' hometown of NYC.

CONGRATULATIONS to all aforementioned as this group will truly excel in their newly appointed positions. We'll keep you posted on their progress.

(The following information was obtained by WSBS via a pres  release courtesy of Construct Inc for on-air and on-line usage)

(Photo image of Wanda Houston courtesy of Zachary P. Stephens....Construct Incorporated logo courtesy of their Facebook page)

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