With the passing of the holidays a few months back, you have probably acquired more goods and still need to clear some space. I have plenty of items that need to be sold either online, in a yard sale, or donated to Goodwill. Speaking of Goodwill, I recently brought a box of CDs to the Great Barrington location in southern Berkshire County. I was speaking to the donation attendant in the back of the building and I asked him if it was okay to donate the CDs. He told me as long as it was just CDs and not VHS tapes and/or audio cassette tapes that it would be fine to drop them off.

Why Don't Massachusetts Goodwill Shops No Longer Accept These Tapes? 

I wasn't aware of this but now I know that Goodwill no longer accepts VHS tapes or audio cassettes. Why? The reason is simple, those items don't sell and Goodwill ends up throwing the tapes away. I wasn't sure if it was just the Great Barrington location that didn't accept the tapes so I called the North Adams and Pittsfield locations and they do not accept VHS tapes and audio cassettes either. So if you still have a bunch of those types of tapes, you may just want to stick them in a free pile, or perhaps try your luck on eBay. There are some movies, concerts, and sporting events that never made it to DVD, Blue Ray, and/or streaming services so those tapes could be valuable to someone out there.  I actually have a bunch of wrestling tapes that never made it to the Peacock streaming service so I am actually going to hold on to them. I may sell them one day.

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What Other Items are Not Accepted at Massachusetts Goodwill Shops? 

The Massachusetts Goodwill website also confirms that VHS and audio cassette tapes are no longer being accepted. Aside from VHS and audio cassette tapes, here's a list of items that Goodwill locations in Massachusetts don't/no longer accept.

18 Items That Massachusetts Goodwill Shops Don't Accept

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