Some of our friends and neighbors who are striving to survive during these trying times are in need of affordable housing here in south county as rents and mortgages are skyrocketing and that is posing a problem for those who are trying to make ends meet.

You can do your part to assist in this important cause as The Community Development Corporation of South Berkshire relies heavily on generous contributions from friends and neighbors to support their annual operating fund. Two full-time employees are staffed in this area non-profit organization whose mission is to emphasize hard work by keeping expenses down and productivity up.

Each donation from their annual appeal is forwarded to supporting their work as they are in the process of building new affordable apartments or showing support for small business growth as they keep our community thriving every step of the way.

Bentley Apartments is nearing completion as low-income residents will be welcome to brand new affordable housing by the latter part of the spring. The Riverfront Park will also be implemented in several phases and upon it's completion, this facility will be one of the newest additions to Great Barrington's open spaces. Your generous donations will truly assist in pointing our community towards a positive direction.

Please make your tax deductible donation as your gift of one thousand dollars or more qualifies for The Massachusetts State Tax Credits. For more information about this amazing opportunity, call (413) 528-7788 or e-mail:

In other news, The CDCSB welcomes five new board members. Congratulations to Tony Blair, David Thorne, Rufus Jones, Erik Bruun and Michael Igoe as each new member brings a news skill set and enthusiasm to their role on The Board of Directors.

(The following information was obtained by WSBS via a press release courtesy of the Community Development Corporation of Southern Berkshire for on-air and on-line usage)

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