Thanks in part to reality television along with natural curiosity whether it be for historical purposes or the hope to see a ghost, the act of touring cemeteries seems to be something that folks including Massachusetts residents enjoy doing in their pastimes. With special EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) equipment and cameras being accessible more than ever, everyday folks can go out and try to capture ghostly footage and voices to share with other curious folks. As a matter of fact, we featured video footage a while back of a group named SpiritChasers K.R. capturing some unique voices on film at Hillside Cemetery in North Adams, Massachusetts. You can check out that video by going here.

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Speaking of Cemeteries and History, Did You Know the Oldest Maintained Cemetery in the United States is Located in Massachusetts?

If you are a history buff or you just want to learn more about cemetery history, you'll be interested to know that the oldest maintained cemetery in the United States is located in Massachusetts, Duxbury to be exact. The name of the cemetery is the Myles Standish Burying Ground. According to the video below the first burials occurred at the burial ground as early as 1632 and remained in use for over 150 years. You can check out the history and get more details about this cemetery by viewing the video below and by going here.

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