Halloween is a time for celebration. Whether you and your kids are celebrating at home or are going out for trick-or-treat, there's plenty to do to keep the kids excited and entertained. This year my wife, Amber, my daughter, Hannah, and I will be dressing as spooky skeletons and celebrating at home. More than likely our trio will be watching some of Hannah's favorite Super Simple Songs shows...the spooky editions. Hannah loves the Halloween episodes. We'll also probably enjoy a spooky-themed meal or dessert. Check out the Halloween-themed desserts at the bottom of this page. After Hannah conks out for the evening, Amber and I will probably enjoy a classic spooky film to extend our celebration.

Hannah is still quite young, only 19 months, so we won't be taking her out to collect candy. We may take her outside in her skeleton outfit so the neighbors can see her dressed up and take pictures if they wish. Hannah wouldn't mind being pushed around in her stroller which I may also do depending on her mood and how heavy the trick-or-treat traffic is on our street.

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As I was scanning the internet regarding trick-or-treat protocols in Massachusetts, I was quite alarmed to learn that there is no law preventing most sex offenders from handing out candy in the Bay State. Can you believe that? I never even thought about this and if I did, I would have assumed it was just a given that there was a law. According to the 2019 Enterprise article, sex offenders are told to refrain from participating in Halloween candy festivities while under probation but there is not an official law eliminating these individuals from the yearly ritual. This is just another reason why parents or guardians should accompany children in groups when going out to collect candy. You can access the article by going here.

Even though this is something we probably don't want to hear about, I find it useful to be well informed no matter what the topic or situation is. We want to keep our children as safe as possible. Knowledge is power and preparation is key. You can use this resource to lookup sex offenders in your neighborhood.

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