As you probably heard by now, my wife, Amber, and I are expecting. Out baby girl is due on April 6 and we are just over the moon. We've been rearranging rooms to get ready for our daughter's arrival, going to ultrasound appointments, touring the mother-baby unit at BMC and preparing for more appointments. Everything is smooth sailing this far. Our infant CPR class is coming up in a couple of weeks.

When it comes to picking out items that we need, there is so much to choose from. So many options and reviews to study. It's definitely fun but can get overwhelming at times. Two bigger items that my wife and I are trying to decide on for our registry are the crib and travel system (stroller/car seat combo). So for all parents out there who have been through this, what do you recommend for style, brand, model of cribs and travel systems? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated especially for the travel system.

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