The music, the crowd, the heat, the food, the t-shirt gun, the local baseball/softball games and the freshly cut grass. It all spells "Sounds of Summer" at the Great Barrington VFW. One other "Sounds of Summer" aspect that is tattooed in my mind and will stay with me forever is that smile.

Jimmy Phillips was one of our own when it came to summertime at WSBS. He was practically another staff member as he parked cars at the summer concert series. I remember every week about halfway through the concert, Jimmy would walk over to the WSBS tent with a big smile on his face as he would hold up his cell phone to show us the number of cars the crew parked that week. I think it was a thrill for him to give us the number as he knew we were always impressed and excited by the turnout.

After reading the obituary on air yesterday, I learned so much about Jimmy. He was a singer, guitar player, DJ, a music encyclopedia and more. "Sounds of Summer" was a perfect fit for Jimmy. Plus he was civic minded as he assisted in many community events and was a long time member of the "Old Yankee Street Rods." The "Sounds of Summer" concert series will continue but the event will never be quite the same without Jimmy. He truly was one of a kind.

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