Researchers are pointing to vitamin D as a potential benefit in preventing severe complications of COVID-19.

According to a story reported on by WWLP/22 News Springfield, the latest studies on this are showing that most people in the ICU with COVID-19 are vitamin D deficient but it’s still hard to make the determination whether this is just an association or a causation.

Vitamin D is the cheapest vitamin that is out there since your body absorbs it naturally through the sun’s rays.

While vitamin D is known for protecting bone health, it is also believed to help the immune system, since it can improve the function of certain cells, which fight off pathogens like COVID-19.

New data from countries where studies were done show that over 75 percent of people in the ICU were vitamin D deficient.

Paul Salva, Pediatric Pulmonologist, had this to say:

The data seems to show that people who are vitamin D sufficient who have adequate amounts of vitamin D are not getting anywhere near sick as people who are vitamin D deficient.

It’s also important to mention that the biggest risk factors for vitamin D deficiency are the same as COVID-19; obesity, elderly and people with darker skin. As a pulmonologist, Dr. Salva specializes in diseases of the respiratory tract.

For more on the story, check it out on WWLP/22 News' website here. And we thank them for the update.

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