Many people love a walk down memory lane and we have a special treat for you here. I was recently presented with these cool, vintage postcards of Great Barrington locations and other locations in the Southern Berkshires. I knew right away that I needed to share them with you. They were published by the Kaufman Brothers of Pittsfield. The  Colorcraft was made by the Dexter Press, in Pearl River, New York.

(A view of the Berkshires Inn, Great Barrington, Mass)

(The U.S. Post Office Building, Great Barrington, Mass)

(The Old Man of Monument Mountain in Great Barrington, Mass)

(The Home of William Cullen Bryant, Built in 1759, Great Barrington, Mass)

(A view of Main Street, Great Barrington, Mass)

(A view of Cranwell School, Lenox, Mass)

(Scene near Bonnie Rig and Jacobs Ladder)

(View of Summit House at the Top of Jacobs Ladder)

The postcards don't have any dates on them. I'm wondering what year or decade they're from. Have you ever seen them before? Let me know if you have any information. Also, if you have any vintage photos, paintings, postcards etc. of the Southern Berkshires and surrounding areas, you can email them to We would love to share them with our hometown family.