When the New England Patriots meet the Philadelphia Eagles to decide the Heavyweight Champeenship of the NFL, there will be more on the line than the usual friendly wager of say, chowdah vs.cheesesteaks.

Call it "The Italian Stallion vs. The Brockton Blockbuster"!

An iconic statue of boxing movie character Rocky Balboa stands in the City of Philadelphia, while Brockton, Mass. is home to a statue of their native real-life boxing champion Rocky Marciano. According to the Brockton Patch, Brockton mayor Bill Carpenter proposed a unique wager to Philly mayor Jim Kenney: if the Patriots win the Super Bowl, Philly's Rocky will have to wear Patriots gear on Patriots Day. Should the Eagles prevail, Brockton's statue will be decked out in Eagles green on a date of Mayor Kenney's choice.

Not only did Kenney accept the terms, he also sweetened the pot by including native beverages to the mix.


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