In Massachusetts, we are known for our beautiful landscapes, destination getaways, leaf peeping locations (tourists flock here in the fall months just to experience the foliage we have to offer) and let's not forget our dedication to our home teams including the Pats, Sox and Celtics. Also, did you know that Massachusetts has the highest percentage of residents with a college degree in the nation? Yup, we do. Also, let's not forget that we were the first state to legalize gay marriage. In addition, the cranberry is the official state berry.

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There are many things we can be proud of and are known for. I could go on and on but right now let's take a look at 8 celebrities that were born in the Bay State, two of which were born here in the beautiful Berkshires.

8 Celebrities Born in Massachusetts: 2 Were Born in the Berkshires

When it comes to celebrities that were born in Massachusetts, we certainly hold our own. Thanks to the robust theater culture here in the Berkshires', it isn't that difficult to spot a celebrity. Plus, our county's beauty lends itself to be a hotspot when it comes to film locations for popular movies. Enter the 'Cider House Rules' (Lenox), 'Daddy's Home 2' (speaking of Mark Wahlberg and John Cena; Great Barrington) and 'The Human Stain' (Williamstown) just to name a few. Thank you Berkshire County for being a thing of beauty.

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