GREAT BARRINGTON -- Chief William Walsh reports that the Great Barrington Police Department has concluded that there is no cause for concern following an investigation into a potentially suspicious Facebook post.

The post, which was reported to staff at Monument Mountain Regional High School and subsequently referred to Great Barrington Police, made reference to gun violence in general but made no reference to any individuals or to the high school.

Following a thorough investigation, Great Barrington Police have determined that the individual who made the post -- who is not a high school student -- was quoting a song lyric and did not intend for the post to be interpreted as a threat.

"I'm glad that the people who were concerned by the nature of this post brought it to our attention," Chief Walsh said. "However, I want to assure everyone we have concluded that there is no threat to the community and no cause for concern."

"As with all school events, we will closely monitor commencement to ensure it is safe for all," Superintendent Peter Dillon said. "Students, parents or community members are always encouraged to share any concerns they may have regarding school safety."

(press release sent to WSBS from Great Barrington Police Chief William Walsh for online and on-air use) 

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