CHP Family Services is proud to announce that relief is on the way to assist area families that are facing some rough economic challenges that continue to thrive during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic as a series of new grants have been instituted to provide assistance to those who are having difficulties making ends meet,

The Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation has joined forces with The Western Massachusetts Women's Fund, The Western Massachusetts Food Bank and The Gilson Family Foundation as these non-profit organizations aim to answer a range of client needs as the pandemic shows no signs of an immediate ending.

CHP Family Services Director, Michelle Derr reiterated:

"Even before COVID, the economic challenges facing some of our area families were quite tough and COVID-19 has only made life harder for many who have lost jobs, fallen behind on rent or had trouble keeping the refrigerator stocked. These donations and grants help us to help others through this period of stress and financial hardship".

Some of the funding that has been implemented includes a $40,000 cash award from The Berkshire-Taconic Community Foundation as this grant is in conjunction with the Bay State's Community Foundations Grant program for COVID-19 relief to assist in rental payments, utility bills, access to food. emergency childcare, technological need, transportation and daily expenses.

The Women's Fund of Western Massachusetts has contributed $10,000 to support family services outreach to women in need of assistance and The Western Massachusetts Food Bank has donated $2,000 that will assist in the purchase of a brand new freezer for Family Services for collection of food donations as they will distribute hundreds of grocery bags each and every month to individuals and families in need. Gilson's Family Foundation has also supported this worthy cause by contributing a $10,000 gift to support CHP's response to food insecurities.

PAYING IT FORWARD: Three words that truly make a difference as we will get through this together in more ways than one!

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