As we are trying to return towards a sense of normalcy since COVID-19 put a grip worldwide, Massachusetts is seeing a light at the end of this cavernous tunnel regarding the realm of employment as the Bay State's jobless rate has lowered to about 4 percent. Statistics show a total of 615,000 jobs have been added but the total number of positions is STILL within a snail's pace since the pandemic escalated in full force back in April of 2020.

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A total of 4,800 positions have been filled in the realm of hospitality and leisure with further additions in government, education, health services, financial activities and manufacturing as there is a bright light shining  to get more people back into the working world. The down side saw reductions in the fields of transportation, utilities, construction including businesses and professional services.

CDC Director Dr. Rochelle P. Walensky Visits FEMA Vaccination Site In Boston
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In Boston, Massachusetts lawmakers are teaming up with Governor Charlie Baker as they are in discussion to implement a strategy that requires a measure that is aimed to kick start government spending statewide that results in more availability in the realm of employment as more positions will see an uptick in traffic throughout local downtown establishments that are trying to recover from COVID-19's setbacks. Also on hand, more improvements towards spending on infrastructure to improve local roads.

Report Show Private Sector Shed 23,000 Jobs In March
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The Bay State's labor force participation rate has exceeded 66% which stands above the national numbers that tally over 62%, but the unemployment numbers are still staggering as they exceeded the national high of 3.6% during the month of May. Without a doubt, there is room for improvement as small steps are being taken to remedy the situation at hand. If you are looking for work, things look a bit more optimistic than last year. Strategize your options and you'll be able to return towards a sense of normalcy as the availability of jobs has increased and by benchmarking the work force from the Berkshires to Boston, things will correct themselves in a proper manner.

(Some background on this article was obtained courtesy of WWLP-TV, 22 News)

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