It's no surprise that since students have returned to college within the past month COVID-19 cases in Massachusetts have increased at a pretty rapid rate.

According to Mass Live, Massachusetts health officials reported 499 confirmed COVID-19 cases on Massachusetts college campuses over the past month, according to a new batch of testing data released Wednesday night.

As the return of students to college campuses bring COVID-19 outbreaks, state officials announced they will publish statewide data on positive cases in higher education institutions every week, starting with Wednesday’s figures.

The Mass Live article goes on to report the nearly 500 confirmed cases were reported over the past month, starting Aug. 15. In the past week alone, 168 positive COVID-19 cases were reported to the state Department of Public Health. The vast majority of those cases, 147, were reported last week following Labor Day weekend.

Part of the problem is that some students are throwing on campus parties and they are not social distancing, not wearing masks and are squeezed together in small rooms during the festivities.

What do you think? Is the state doing enough to prevent college campuses from spreading COVID-19? If it were your child, would you want him or her to return to the campus or opt for another option where he or she could participate in remote classes from home if offered? What do you think about these numbers and the situation at college campuses across Massachusetts?

You can read the entire article by going to Mass Live's official website.

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