Massachusetts lawmakers have declared a Tax-Free shopping holiday for this weekend. On August 11-12, a majority of items costing less than $2500 normally subject to the 6.25% sales tax will be exempt.  Some major exceptions include things like motor vehicles, motorboats, meals, gas, steam, electricity and telecommunication services. All the rules and regulations can be found on the state's website. It's easy to read, I promise.

As a public service, here are some of the things that will be sales tax free this weekend: Air conditioners, balloons, cameras, dryers, electric toothbrushes, fans, garden tools, harmonicas, ink, jumper cables, kitchen tables, laptops, mattresses, nightstands, oars, paper shredders, quoits, refrigerators, snowblowers, tools, USB drives, vegetable peelers, windshield washer fluid, X-acto-knives (pretty crafty, eh?) and zip ties.

I think everything on that list can be found locally. In fact, some local merchants are offering extra discounts and deals on their own, so watch for those. But if you need to buy something special online, the purchase should still be tax free. If not, make some noise, because that's in the rules too. Delivery can be after the weekend as long as the item is bought & paid for (cash or charge) on Saturday or Sunday.

Happy Tax-Free shopping!

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