There is no shortage of beauty along the SouthCoast and Cape Cod and adding to the natural beauty of the shoreline are historic lighthouses, each with its own unique story. In honor of National Lighthouse Day this Friday, August 7, let’s take a trip down the coast and shine a beacon on 15 of the coolest lighthouses in the area.

Project Archaeology reports that the earliest known lighthouse was built over 2,000 years ago, and since then, they have warned sailors of rocky areas and have provided aid to help ships safely return home. In fact, the first British colonial lighthouse is in Boston, Massachusetts, built back in 1716. Our area is home to some of the oldest lighthouses in the nation, adding rich history alongside the Atlantic Ocean.

Lighthouses are unique. In the early stages, they provided safety for sailors. In their later years, they continue to do so, while simultaneously offering a unique history lesson for those willing to learn and stunning views from the tops of their towers.

Project Archaeology goes on to explain the characteristics that make each lighthouse unique, known as daymarks and nightmarks:

“The daymark is the paint color and pattern on a lighthouse. The nightmark is a distinctive light pattern that is fixed and flashes or rotates and flashes. Each distinctive daymark and nightmark can be seen from the sea and are used by sailors so they know where their ships are located along the coast.”

Look out to the mouth of the Acushnet River to find the Butler Flats Lighthouse. If you find yourself in Mattapoisett, you will see the historic Ned’s Point Lighthouse standing proud. While the need for lighthouses diminished in the early 1980s due to the advancement of marine technology, many of these beacons still stand proudly along the coast, and here are some of the best ones around:

The 15 Coolest Lighthouses Along the SouthCoast and Cape Cod

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