With Christmas right around the corner, you're probably taking care of holiday shopping and making sure that Santa has received the correct lists from your children. You're also probably getting items purchased and prepared for the big feast. From the snacks and appetizers, to the meal, right down to the dessert.

If you're planning on offering cake as a dessert option this Christmas, you may want to select Massachusetts' favorite cake flavor which is the two in one classic...ice cream cake. A delicious option for sure. As a matter of fact Shane Co. conducted a study on the most popular cake flavor in every U.S. state and found that the ice cream cake shows up in more U.S. states than any other cake flavor. 10 states total including Massachusetts put ice cream cake as their favorite cake flavor.

My birthday is only three weeks after Christmas so maybe I'll consider an ice cream cake but after looking at this study, I am drooling over the molten lava cake. Either way, it would be a win for me.

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One of the results that surprised me is the fact that strawberry cake came in at number 2 as the popular cake flavor dominated seven states. If you want to take a look at all of the results from this study including the methodology used, you can do so by going here.

Happy cooking and baking this holiday season and if you do bake a cake this holiday season, don't forget to save a piece for me. With the flavor being so popular in Massachusetts, the cake will go fast.

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