Unify Against Bullying (a 501c3 group that pledges to bring an end to bullying through the celebration of true diversity) is now offering grant applications. The group is providing $15,000 in micro grants to fund anti-bullying initiatives! In addition, Paul Mitchell with their Neon product line will award a $1000 grant. Individual Unify grants can be anywhere from $500 to $2000. Unify Against Bullying encourages parents, guidance personnel, teachers, administrators & charity partners to apply! You can get more grant information by going here

The group is also doing a selfie challenge which looks to be plenty of fun. All you have to do to participate is write the word Unify on the back of your hand, place it over your mouth, and take a selfie! When you post on your social media just copy & paste the below text. Make sure to challenge your friends, and favorite celebrities! #UnifySelfieChallenge!

Unify Against Bullying is making tremendous strides in the fight against bullying. You can take a look at all of their efforts, projects and events by going here

(Article image taken from the Unify Against Bullying Facebook page)

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