As you may have heard or read in recent newscasts, COVID-19 cases are really ramping up in Massachusetts especially here in the Berkshires. As a matter of fact, new data reports that all of Massachusetts and New England are at high risk for transmitting COVID-19. You can view the numbers by visiting the CDC's website.

With the increased covid numbers, in many areas throughout Massachusetts, people are required to wear masks which has been the case for quite some time. We did have that week off from wearing masks in the summer (okay maybe a hair longer). I remember going to a couple of grocery stores in Pittsfield over the summer without a mask on and it just didn't feel right.  Speaking of masks, you may already know this but it's a good reminder, it's dangerous and in some cases illegal in Massachusetts to hang your mask from your vehicle's rearview mirror.

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The reason why it's dangerous to hang a mask from your rearview mirror is that it can create blind spots and obstruct your line of vision for oncoming traffic, pedestrians, etc. Obviously, it's convenient to hang the mask from your rearview mirror but you're better off, and AAA encourages this, storing the mask in your glove box or center console as this is less of a hazard to you and others on the road.

As posted by the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles on Twitter, the law that pertains to the mask hanging issue is the following:

Massachusetts General Law Chapter 90.13: includes any item that might interfere w/ or impede safe operation of vehicle. For example, an item hanging from a mirror could create a blind spot for the driver & result in a crash and/or injury to other road users.

Just a good reminder to Berkshire County and Massachusetts residents while we have to protect ourselves during the pandemic. It's certainly better to store your mask in another location in your vehicle than to end up receiving a fine or worse causing a deadly crash.

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