Over the years we have shared some very strange Massachusetts laws. Many of these laws were passed many moons ago when times were different (See 31 of these strange laws below). However, even back in the day, you have to wonder how some of these laws came into place. Some of the Massachusetts laws that are still on the books but aren't enforced include the following:

  • In Boston, it is illegal to bathe unless your doctor gives you a prescription. It’s also illegal not to bathe before going to bed in Boston.
  • It's illegal to detonate a nuclear device in the city of Marlboro.
  • Roosters are forbidden from going into bakeries (I love that one, so weird)

But it's not just Massachusetts that has strange, outdated, and head-scratching laws. Many states have some laws that will make your eyebrow raise a bit. Let's take a look at another New England State, Connecticut.

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Have You Ever Heard of Connecticut's Strange Pickle Bouncing Law?

According to a few online sources, in Connecticut, it's illegal to call a pickle a pickle unless it bounces. Yeah, that's a bit strange but then again maybe not. Here's some more information about this pickle law according to KKC:

This may have come from a time when food growers and markets needed a bit of regulation in order to set standards for fresh produce. For example, someone could try to pass off their vegetables as pickles without the proper fermentation or preparation. To protect customers (and pickle producers), this rule declares that a pickle is not a pickle unless it bounces.

After reading that explanation, perhaps this pickle law does make some sense but at first glance, it does seem quite bizarre. What do you think? I'm glad we dug into this law to see that folks weren't completely bonkers when they put it together. You can read more about Connecticut's pickle law by going here.

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