I know that dinosaurs are pretty popular right now thanks to "Jurassic World" and its sequels but it begs the question: Have dinosaurs ever really been unpopular? Especially with kids? And certain big kids?

The folks at BetMassachusetts.com recently did a study concerning which states offer the best chances of digging up either a dinosaur or some other prehistoric fossil based on population and area sizes. The results were interesting, to say the least.

Massachusetts has the 31st highest chance across the country of finding a fossil with one finding every 12.97 square miles. Does that make it worth your while to grab your pickaxes and shovels, pick a spot, and start digging? Probably not unless you're feeling really lucky.

Basically, with 814 fossil findings amid current population estimates, that would be approximately 1 prehistoric fossil discovery per 8,581 people. So the odds are definitely not in your favor.

But on to the BIG question: What about finding a dinosaur? Digging up a Diplodocus? Happening upon a Herrerasaurus? Shoveling out a Stegosaurus? Or bumbling upon a Brachiosaurus?

With 319 dinosaur discoveries in Massachusetts, that would mean that the odds of finding a fossil, per population, would be 1 in 21,896. And the odds of finding one, per square mile, would be 1 every 33 square miles.

You may want to leave the digging to those folks who either have a lot of free time on their hands or are extremely lucky. For more cool things to look at, including Massachusetts cities with the most ghost sightings, visit BetMassachusetts.com.

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