The summer of bear certainly marches on not only in Berkshire County but throughout many parts of the country. We have certainly come across some very interesting and adorable videos including mama and cubs roaming, playing, and having a good time. However, I think this latest find takes the cake. This video was taken by Emily Ratliff on Facebook and was shared by WBIR Channel 10. The celebration that these bears were involved in took place in Gatlinburg, TN

The caption that the news station included was of the following:

Everyone loves a dip in a hot tub! After an employee had already cleaned a hot tub in a Gatlinburg cabin, a family of bears decided to have some fun

I bet you would have never dreamed to see a family of bears splashing around and having a ball in a hot tub. When I first saw it, I thought I was dreaming. How about you? Thank goodness for modern technology.

Bear Facts 

Just a reminder that black bears can pick up a smell or scent seven (7) times more effectively than a bloodhound. The area inside a black bear's nose (called the nasal mucosa) is 100 times greater than that found in humans, meaning they can smell things you and I can't and they can do this when they are up to three miles away. Knowing this information, it's always a good idea to do yourself and your pets a favor and bring in your bird feeders at night and wait until trash day (when it's light outside) to put your garbage out.

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