I always find it fun and interesting to see what are actual laws in Massachusetts and what has been folklore over the years. I'm sure as a youngster, you may have thought that a particular action was against the law only to learn that it wasn't the case and vice versa. I know that has been the case for me.

We all have probably known for quite some time that jaywalking is illegal, at least it is in the State of Massachusetts. I think sometimes pedestrians have the misconception that they can cross the street whenever they want and that they are never in the wrong. However, that isn't the case at all.

Think about it, one just can't go walking whenever he/she wants, that individual would be putting motorists in danger and furthermore putting him/herself in danger, possibly getting struck by the motorist. It's important to stay in the crosswalk and follow the traffic signals for clearance when to walk across the street.

As dangerous as jaywalking can be, the fine for the crime is quite low. Massachusetts law states that the first, second and third offenses for jaywalking is only $1. From there, fourth and subsequent offenses are $2.

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In addition, Mass.gov states that if the offender doesn't appear in court and pay the fine in 21 days, the clerk will notify the involved officer, who will file a criminal complaint application. If the court clerk grants the application for a criminal complaint after hearing, they will issue a complaint and summons the offender to appear in court. If that person doesn't respond to the summons, the clerk will mail you a notice that an arrest warrant will issue in 21 days.

What do you think? You probably knew that jaywalking is illegal in Massachusetts but did you know about the fine amounts?

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