Great Barrington's Annual Town Meeting is coming up on Monday, April 7th at the Monument Mountain Regional High School Auditorium beginning at 6 P.M. Below is the 27 warrant articles to be voted on this Monday evening.

1. Authorize Revolving Fund Limits

2. Elected Officials' Salaries

3. MassDOT Highway Funds

4. Borrowing for Capital Items

5. FY19 Operating Budget

6. FY19 Wastewater Treatment Budget

7. FY19 Regional School Assessment (Operating and Capital Budgets)

8. Authorize use of Free Cash

9. Authorize Appropriation from the Stabilization Fund

10. Rescind Authorized but Unissued Debt

11. Community Preservation Fund Reserves/Appropriations

12. Community Preservation Projects

13. Authorize the Selectboard to acquire certain permanent easements and temporary easements, in order to implement downtown street improvements on Bridge Street, Bentley Road, Elm Street, Railroad Street, and School Street

14. Authorize the Selectboard to acquire certain permanent easements and temporary easements on Knob Hill Road

15. Authorize the Selectboard to transfer or gift the property totaling approximately 8.34 acres on East Mountain to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

16. Authorize the Selectboard to grant a Natural Area and Trail Use Agreement in perpetuity to the Great Barrington Land Conservancy in connection with the construction, use, and maintenance of a recreation trail

17. Vote to discontinue as a town way a portion of Manville Street

18. Zoning: Rezone State Road between the Housatonic River and Belcher Square

19. Zoning: Revise the Bylaw to Regulate Marijuana Establishments including Marijuana Retail Stores

20. Marijuana / Cannibis: Accept MGL c. 64N, sec. 3 to impose a 3% local tax on retail marijuana sales

21. Authorize Special Tax Agreement in Lieu of Taxes (PILOT) for a Ground Mounted Solar Photovoltaic Installation(s)

22. Citizen Petition: It shall be Unlawful to Sell Non-Sparkling, Unflavored Drinking Water in  Single -serve Containers of 1 liter (34 ounces) or less in the Town of Great Barrington on or after January 1, 2019, and to Amend Chapter 1-5.1,Noncriminal Disposition Bylaw

23. BYLAW AMENDMENT: To a mend the Polystyrene Bylaw and Include the Polypropylene Plastic to the Restricted Products

24. Citizen Petition: To Consider Political Activity and Political Activism are an Essential and Necessary Elements of the Democratic Process

25. Citizen Petition: To Approve the Following Principle and Article: Homeless Persons are Entitled to Equal Civil Rights with other groups designated as Protected Classes to Prevent Discrimination against them under Existing Laws and Regulations of the Commonwealth of Massachuset ts and the United State of America

26. Citizen Petition: To amend and add the following to the Great Barrington Bylaw: The Acceptance Period of Citizen Petitions will be No Less than Thirty (30) days

27. Citizen Petition: To Vote and Approve the following Resolution: To Invite Brief Questions and Comments on Specific Agenda Items Throughout the Meetings

You can read all of the specifics on these 27 articles along with the ballot question and more here 

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