Back in February WSBS posted an article regarding how the Berkshire Women's Action Group is looking to ban the sale of drinking water in small, single-use plastic containers along with single-serve water bottles of one liter (34 ounces) or less in the Town of Great Barrington. Voters will decide at Town Meeting on May 7th.

We shared the post on our Facebook page and local residents were not shy to share their opinions on the potential ban. Below are the Facebook comments. The original Facebook post with names can be found here

(1) Stock up now I guess!

(2) Don't think I'm drinking the nasty rust water I have. Bottled water is all I drink and I recycle them.

(3) Oh lawd...what is GB going to ban next?

(4) So I’m traveling and I stop at a store in this quaint little town to grab a bottle of water...wait, no bottled water? I can buy a Coke but not a water because its illegal? GB logic for you.

(5) Not so great for healthy choices.

(6) first they came for the bags.....

(7) Good grief! Ban bottled water? Maybe this group can figure out a way to bottle the water in paper. They are idiots.!

(8) Pardon me ma'am... but it sounds like you may be part of the problem. And that you are in fact the idiot.

(9) so if u buy it in ct, what will they do to you arrest u?LOL

(10) People are still going to buy the plastic water bottles in another town and bring them back to GB...just like they do with their evil plastic grocery bags (which always get recycled in my house).

(11) Maybe we can invest the 40 bucks on a water bottle and be responsible enough to carry it with us. The point is waste. This is not a personal attack on your convenience. Kudos GB for making moves.

(12) I don’t think you will find too many native to the Berkshires sporting $40 water bottles.

(13) Investment. How many water bottles is that?

(14) A lot of folks have chlorine and fluoride laden tap water so they still have to buy the spring water which no matter how you buy it comes in some sort of plastic vessels. That being said, I'm pretty sure you can buy a water bottle for less than $40...unless you shop at Guidos or the Coop and you may have noticed most working class locals do not. A lot of these people just want to live unencumbered lives and not have to schlep to another town for their bottled spring water. They are still going to buy them and dispose of them in GB.

(15) Or they'll buy a soda in a plastic bottle...

(16) Or boil sum tea and make sure the $40 water bottle is equipped to store hot water as well. Boil the tap water add sum lemon and there you have higher quality water than what your getting in an advertised set of plastic water bottles

(17) Colleen I am a working class local.

(18) That’s awesome! Me too—I just moved to Maine for many reasons, but partially because things got weird and Great Barrington and Monterey changing from the lovely places I grew up to places I no longer recognize. It is so sad to me that Massachusetts doesn’t have a bottle bill—and if people up here don’t return their bottles, someone else does.

(19) Gina—how is boiling the water going to remove the chlorine and fluoride that some people don’t want to consume?

(20) Colleen, you can actually boil it to do both, it just needs a little more work than a cup of tea. We've forgotten about the work. Everything is so ready made these days..

(21) Boiling may reduce the chlorine if boiled for a full 30 minutes but in order to reduce (not remove) fluoride you have to distill it (capture and use only the vapor—seriously, who has time for that?). For medical reasons, I avoid fluoride all together. Good discussion though!

(22) Therein lies the 'little more work' ... we done good. ;) ♡

(23) Better to do the work thyself than trust packaged water has done the work.

(24) Fabulous for you...but for me, I’ll be buying the water.

(25) Just water the will Smith funded company puts water in cardboard cartons its water from the highly polluted waters of queensbury and glens falls ny... Company's will need to adapt

(26) its always something there, thats one reason why we move they are nuts!

(27) I have my water bottle...dont leave home without it

(28) Yayy to your town for trying to make positive changes

(29)  Clear water edible pods ther out there iv seen them and it will also help with this tide pod eating frenzy just dye them .... lol

(30)  The whole plastic dilemma is mind boggling. There are flotillas of plastic bottles floating in areas in our oceans, some of them hundreds of miles wide. Ban all plastic!

(31) In not part of the problem ... I recycle !! I am not drinking this town water ... So what go to glass so we can have smashed glass everywhere .
Where are my rights ??? Oh I know if people with too much time on their hands decides they want change ... The rest of us are forced into it . .. Well guess I will shop out of town or out of state . Last I knew GB was near any ocean.

(32) Ma'am... you absolutely are. ✌

(33) People are talking about automatic weapon reform, and you wanna equate your rights to a plastic water bottle? Get outta here.

(34) Yes automatic weapons is a bill.problem but this country is too stupid to resolve it !!! And my comment was directed at ... the stupid idea of plastic water bottles , next it will juice bottles, shampoo bottles etc . when does the stupidity stop !!! If you don't want a plastic water bottle don't buy it. We work at changing stupid stuff when we gave bigger fish to fry .

(35) How about institute a better recycling incentive? Then we’ll just have glass bottles all over the roads instead from lazy people who just chuck them out the window.

(36) No wonder people can’t afford this area anymore. You won’t even be able to buy water for less than 5.00

If voters approve, the ban will take effect on January 1st.

Further reading can be found here

What are your thoughts on the potential plastic bottle ban?

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