People with healthy kidneys don’t usually think about their kidney function until they “gotta pee”. For those with kidney disease, peeing is something they hope they’ll always be able to do.

This is the case for  Robert Gyurjan, a man living with Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS), and the DiMouro family who live with a rare and hereditary disease called Alport Syndrome. Both diseases cause a slow breakdown of the kidneys, often leading to kidney failure. The future of a person living with either disease is wrought with uncertainty and fear.

Before his diagnosis, Robert confided in his co-worker Margaret DiMouro about his struggles and learned about her family’s experience with kidney disease. After hearing that Margaret’s young granddaughter was also diagnosed with Alport Syndrome, Robert decided he wanted to help make her future better.

On September 16, Robert will be joining 500 hundred teams in the 42nd Josh Billings Triathlon in the Berkshires. His goal is to raise $10,000 for kidney research before the 27 mile bike ride, five mile canoe/kayak/paddleboat ride, and six mile run.

A donation to his fundraiser, “Gotta Pee!” For Healthy Kidneys, will help raise awareness of FSGS and Alport Syndrome (allowing for better diagnosing of future patients) and will help to fund current efforts to find a cure and better treatments for both diseases. Donations will be given to NephCure Kidney International and the Alport Syndrome Foundation.

You can donate by going here and here

All donations are tax deductible

(above information sent to WSBS from Margaret DiMouro for online and on-air use, article image taken from the Josh Billings Runaground Facebook page)

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