A beautiful late summer morning in mid September can only mean one thing, another edition of the 42nd Annual 'Great Josh Billings Runaground Triathlon.' This year there were more thrills and excitement as the middle section of the race moved to Richmond Pond due to an algae bloom situation at Stockbridge Bowl.

Once again the team of 'Allen Heights Veterinary' comprised of cyclist Josh Lipka, paddlers Tom Keefe and Ben Pigott along with runner Steve Monsulick won the race for their third consecutive year. The team completed the race in 2 hours, 17 minutes, and 8 seconds and WSBS provided coverage every step of the way. In second place was team 'Josh Itch' followed by 'Boss Mainly Massive Men' in third. Kent Lemme was the Ironman winner and Joanna Wang topped the Ironwoman category. In addition, Tara Dooley was the first female winner. Tara represents team 'Just Dooley It.' You can view full race results by visiting our friends at the Berkshire Eagle.

WSBS would like to thank former 'Josh' competitor Joe Bazzano for the play-by-play coverage along with Chris Calvert for text updates as he was stationed at Richmond Pond on the opposite side of where the cyclists tagged off to the paddlers, providing us with text updates. And we can't forget about Jack Passetto who did a stellar job driving the WSBS vehicle throughout the race.

Below are some pics of the 'Allen Heights Veterinary' team at Tanglewood (and more) after winning the race.

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