What a perfect day for a race. Once again this year WSBS provided live coverage of the the 43rd Annual Great Josh Billings Runaground Triathlon. The competition is now in the books and for the fourth year in a row the Allen Heights Veterinary team comprised of cyclist Josh Lipka, conoeists Ben Pigott and Tom Keefe along with runner Steve Monsulick came in first place completing the triathlon in 2:17:35. Coming in second place was the The Boss-s Maine-ly Mass-ive Men team comprised of cyclist AJ Piper, conoeists Kevin Boss and Dave Vandorpe along with runner Shawn Rumery. They completed the race in 2:29:14. In third place was the Minkler Insurance team comprised of cyclist Chuck Leach, canoeists Tim Minkler and Gary Quadrozzi along with runner Mark Rabasco. They completed the triathlon in 2:31:26. You can view complete race results by going here. 

By the time Pigott and Keefe handed off to Monsulick there was approximately a 6:20 gap between them and the next team. This gap was a big thanks to Josh Lipka who started out and continued to stay hot in the bike portion. He left the first pack approximately six minutes behind him and sustained that when he handed off to his teammates. It was reported that Josh was in his best shape ever and it certainly showed.

You can listen to audio from Sunday's race below as Mike Ward and Jesse Stewart conducted an interview with Pigott, Keefe and Monsulick from the finish line at Tanglewood.

(article image: Steve Monsulick at Tanglewood)

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