I frequently travel on route 20 en route to Springfield as you appreciate the scenic routes the Bay State offers. On my next journey, it is mandatory to make a stop to support a beloved local business that will officially close it's doors for good in October.

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The Huntington Country Store has been a community staple since the 1800s. It is conveniently situated at 70 Worthington Road (aka route 112) as generations of local residents and visitors made this a mandatory stop in their travels. By all means, bring your appetite as the quaint country store is known for their assortment of delicious baked goods and famous "wrapples", a homemade pastry filled with fruit that is topped with icing. They will also satisfy your sweet tooth with a variety of homemade ice cream in 20 different flavors, plus don't forget to sample a variety of homemade breads, wraps, and grinders.


Upon arrival, take a walk into the landmark building as the wood floors creak underneath each step while you browse the thousands of items for sale. Besides food and drink, they are also well-stocked with handcrafted jewelry, collectibles, gourmet chocolates, candy, kitchen gadgets, pottery, and more. It's what you call "hometown shopping" and you are supporting the local economy in Hampshire county.


The store closing was announced on Monday, which is an indication to the community of the owner’s retirement. After being owned and operated by the Butler family for 31 years, The Huntington Country Store will close it's doors on October 22nd. By all means, make a stop as that is also on my agenda next time I'm travelling on route 20. Head to route 112 and you are there. I'll make the detour for sure and you should too!

Here is a statement the owner made in a recent interview on 22News (WWLP-TV):

“Thank you to all our friends and neighbors from far and wide for all your wonderful comments and compliments all these years. It has been a lot of fun and we’ve enjoyed getting to know everyone. We hope you can all stop in to chat a little and maybe get a good deal during the next few months while we hold our going out of business sale".

I'll make sure to have a timely discussion with The Butlers as I am a firm believer that local business is the fabric for small towns nationwide where you get that special one-on-one service that chain stores cannot duplicate. Check out their website for more offerings that will be available to their customers for the next 2 months.

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Look for The "Everything Must Go" sign upon your arrival as this truly is a bittersweet moment for residents and visitors here in western Massachusetts. Make this a "must stop" before it's too late. They are open Tuesday through Saturday from 9 am to 7 pm, until 6:30 pm on Mondays and they also have Sunday hours as they're open between 9 am and 6 pm. Give the Butler family a call to say hello at (413) 667-3232 and you'll get the latest news regarding their final two months in business.

BOTTOM LINE: In 3 words: Worth the trip!!

(Some information obtained in this article courtesy of 22News, WWLP-TV)

(Photo images of The Huntington Country Store courtesy of Kevin Labbe, Susan Dion, Jason Ellershaw and A.J. Turner)

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