The West Stockbridge Public Library wants you to get into a "Halloween" frame of mind as a series of family Story Walks take place between October 24th and October 31st. The FREE event takes place in downtown West Stockbridge and each get-together commences at The Shaker Mill Bookstore. Keep in mind, you never know who you will bump into during this 8 day event, so proceed with caution.

To make your excursion easier, we suggest that you pick up a complimentary map to help guide you through this spooky and mysterious adventure by logging on to the library's Facebook page OR head on over to their Instagram site by typing in West Stockbridge Public Library. 

A suggested read during this year's All Hallow's Eve festivities: "The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid Of Anything" by Linda Williams (illustrated by Megan Lloyd)

For more information, log on to The West Stockbridge Public Library's web site by going here OR call The library's director, Rachel Alter at (413) 232-0300, extension 308. Librarian Vicky Cooper can also be reached at (413) 464-3616 OR send an e-mail to:

Remember, masks MUST be worn and social distance guidelines will be strictly enforced to keep everyone safe and sound as we slowly but surely return to a sense of normalcy due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The library is located at 21 State Line Road in West Stockbridge, Massachusetts

(The following information was obtained by WSBS via a press release courtesy of The West Stockbridge Public Library for on-air and on-line usage)

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